Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day: No clue. A reason to return.

Wow, it's been almost a thousand years since I typed up a blog on here. Hyperbolize much?...meh. It's been a long ass time. But I've recently been looking into something that got me all kinds of stimulated about blogging. In fact, it was another blog I read that got me motivated to blog again. So here we go...

Today I read a review about a company. And it just so happens, I ordered from that company today. And now I am sitting at my computer at work, eagerly awaiting the fresh produce that will arrive at my doorstep...starting next week.

I have been reading Michael Pollan's book, Botany of Desire, for about three or four months now. (Mind you, I've read about four other books in the meantime...I'm not THAT lazy or slow.) In the book, I learned for the first time that there are many farms who will deliver you produce on a weekly/biweekly basis. I never knew this existed. I got really excited when I read it, and then I forgot about it for three months.

Last Friday, I happened to be sitting at the [local news station] building, waiting for my turn to audition, when I picked up a [city in which I reside] Magazine. I was interested in the local restaurants they were featuring, but I happened upon an article that highlighted local farms. It listed a few websites for local produce, which I wrote down quickly.

Today, when I finally had a chance to sit at my computer at work, I checked out the websites (while on hold with the state of Maryland tax department...whom I still haven't reached. Lame.) Although I found out a lot about local farmers' markets (one of which is about 5 min from my house on Wednesdays, who knew?), I didn't see a whole lot about delivery. Yay for Google.

When I searched "local produce delivery [my city and state]" my world was changed forever. I found at least two nearby distributors that have this delivery process, and I chose one to order from. And it was so ridiculously easy that I now resent ever having gone to Whole Foods to sift through the huge produce section searching for local and organic produce. Well, that's shit...I love going to Whole Foods and shopping for ANYTHING. But at least now I know that every other week I will get a mix of 10-11 produce items that were all grown within 100 miles of [my city].

Here's how it works:

-Google search and find a distributor in your area that delivers. Pick one and sign-up.

-Most of them have flat rates for certain "containers" that you choose among. This basically caters towards singles/couples/families and produce/eggs and dairy/bread. You get the idea. You choose whichever container suits you best.
Many farms also have "add-on" options to include meat, fish, dairy, baked goods, etc. that you can include, as well.

-Choose whether you'd like your delivery to come each week or every other week.

-Enter your billing info, and wait!

The distribution company I am shopping from has no sign up fee and allows you to cancel at any time (some farms have you sign up for an entire season). And they deliver food in a box that is all tricked out so that it can sit in the sun for 10 hours and food won't get hot or spoil. Hells yea. Best of all, they ask you to tell them what produce you are either allergic to or absolutely hate. So hopefully I won't have to worry about tons of fruit or carrots ruining my life every week. (I mean, I can tolerate carrots sometimes, but it's rough. And aside from bananas with peanut butter, I'm just not a big fruit person. In the rare occasion that I have a sweet tooth, I want something more sinful than an apple.)

Eventually I hope to have the time and space to cultivate my own little herb and veggie garden. But in the mean time, I am jacked (inside joke, I fucking hate that word) to be able to support local farms and eat from a diverse selection of veggies.

Moral of this story: Go find a freaking distributor and start making a change in the world, your community, and your own personal health! (Unless you already shop at farmers' markets and buy local. In that case, kudos to you!)

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